TRISTAR BULLPUP SHOTGUN 12GA: This Halo themed shotgun got an AMP Steelworks makeover when we did a Halo inspired cerakote job and even made the elite achievement badge for good measure. This shotty comes with plenty of extras including two 5 round mags, a choke, the pictured sites as well as a set of flip ups. This thing is semi auto and shoots so smooth you can fire it one handed with no effort. So whether you want to win at clay shooting or are prepping for an alien invasion this is for you!

PRICE: $750

ANDERSON AR-15-556/.223: Make a statement with this super loud orange/black Cerakote  job on an Anderson AR that's been upgraded with The AMP RIOT MAKER, KROM system, lighter trigger, Trinity force3-9X42 red dot optic, and some side mount Iron sights for good measure. This thing is match ready and a head turner!

PRICE: $830