AMP is a licensed FFL and firearms manufacturer. Our builds range from mild to wild but have one thing in common QUALITY! We design our builds to perform far better than their price points with a combination of combat experience, engineering knowhow, and subject matter expertise. If you are looking to purchase a new firearm give us a call and we would be happy to build your custom gun to order.





Our goal was to create a muzzle brake that utilized the gas porting
principles that we have been researching for the last two years to
completely stabilize a rifle, even under full auto conditions.

One of conditions for this build was that I wanted this brake to be
built with the use of manual machining. I personally built the various prototypes by hand. My reason for this was cost. If the brakes could be made on a manual lathe and milling machine the cost of mass production on a CNC machine would drop significantly due to the simplicity of the design. 

Initially the Riot Maker was tested by a wide range of Soldiers until the design was almost complete and then by several snipers both from the military and several police departments. Once I had their feed back I made several modifications to the design and ran a final battery of tests. The final product can be seen below with the included nitrite coating which adds to it durability and longevity. 

The Riot maker and Boresbane muzzle brakes were our first production products and have led the way in advancing our company.

The Riot Maker Comes in the following sizes:
.556 caliber
.308 caliber
.762 (AK-47 threading) caliber


The Boresbane comes in the following sizes:
.556 caliber
.308 caliber

Suppressor read variants are available for Akly's Defense suppressors

The current purchase price for any model/size is $85.00 plus shipping.

We also have several different finishes available including stainless steel for $90.00

The KROM system is a 3D printed rifle furniture package that includes an adjustable stock, pistol grip, and foregrip. We also have rail systems available for mounting. The material is a carbon fiber infused nylon which is extremely strong and light weight.

The KROM was meticulously designed to further increase rifle stability and decrease the amount of time needed to go from the "low ready" to the "ready" position and acquire targets faster and more consistently. The stock is engineered to work with body armor so that there is more contact between the rifle and shoulder instead of the armor.