Here are some interesting things we modeled that went straight from computer model to end product at an extremely low cost. Some of the best examples include a 3D printed terrain map based on satellite imagery, 3D printed car badges and company logos, and a cosplay helmet, oh and for fun we made a chess set to.

Here are some examples of prototypes that eventually became production models. Some of the highlights are a hubcap adapter allowing a Chevy wheel to house a Datsun hubcap, a bullet quiver for bolt action rifles, and my favorite an aero spike for a model rocket engine. We even printed the rocket!

AMP Steelworks offers many services but none is more fun for us than rapid prototyping. Our team is very capable when it comes to Computer Aided Design (CAD) and charges one of the lowest rates in the industry. We also have a robust 3D printing capability which allows us to print you a model that you can evaluate, modify, and consider for production.

​We can even quote you on production runs or put you in contact with some of our partners who do good fair business for us. Check out the slide shows below for some examples of our work.